Payment Information


We ensure secure and easy payment by using the most trusted and comfortable payment methods. 

You can choose between two payment options:


1 Direct

Pay directly via


- Edenred Ticket Restaurant

- Monizze

- Credit Card



2 Grouplunch Wallet / Account 

Pay via wallet

Recharge wallet via 

  • Bank Wire
  • Paypal
  • Cash


Optional: Invoice on Company



1 Direct

Pay directly via 

Edenred , Monizze, Credit Card






2 Wallet / Account

Pay via Grouplunch wallet 

To recharge your wallet, go to:
My Account
Recharge Account


Bank Transfer
Name: Group Lunch Belgium
Bank: ING
IBAN: BE61 3631 4372 2617
Subject: Votre Nom


Credit Card

 Recharge your grouplunch account with 30€, 50€ or 100€ 

Cash & Food Vouchers*


1 Demand cash box

Check if your company accepts a cashbox (facility manager, company secretary).

Contact Grouplunch and we will provide a cashbox asap.

2 Receive Invoice

Every Monday you receive a detailed list of your previous week's orders and the total amount to be paid.

3 Payment

Pay until Thursday of the same week by depositing an envelope with your payment in the Cashbox. Include the follwing information on the envelope:

- your e-mail adress            - total amount in envelope

4 Account recharged

Grouplunch collects all envelopes every Friday before 12:00 and updates your account within 48h.

* Group Lunch only accepts this payment method, if it is agreed upon by your company. Contact your facility manager to find out if this is the case.



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