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GroupLunch Terms & Conditions of sale and delivery



Please read this document carefully. This document governs your ("Client", “You”, “Your”) relationship with Grouplunch belgium sprl, with registered address at Avenue Louise 367, 1050 Ixelles, Belgium, ("GroupLunch", “We”, “Us”, “Our”). Set forth below are the Terms & Conditions (the ”Terms & Conditions”) under which GroupLunch makes available its internet website, www.GroupLunch.be (the "Site"), and the services provided by GroupLunch (the "Services"), to each person or entity accessing or using the Site or the Services.



1.1 Registration as a member

(a) Registration on the Site is free. In order to register on the Site and become a member of GroupLunch and make a transaction, You need to provide certain of the following information as well as other information marked as required on the subscription form:  Your private and professional email address, a password, Your full name, as well as your private address. Any changes in respect to this information shall be updated through the Dashboard by clicking on My Account https://grouplunch.be/index.php?route=account/edit.

(b) By registering on the Site and clicking on the "I have read and agree to the Terms & Conditions  button, You represent that You understand the language in which the Terms & Conditions are available and have read, understood and agreed the Terms & Conditions. In case You do not understand the language or the Terms & Conditions, You should not register on the Site. The Terms & Conditions shall have the same legal effect and force as a written and signed document. If You do not agree to any of the terms and conditions stated in the Terms & Conditions, do not click such a button or otherwise access or use this Site or the Services or any information contained on this Site. Any violation of the Terms & Conditions can result in actions by Us including, but not limited to, termination of Your account and right to use the Site.

You hereby warrant that You have a legal capacity to enter into contractual relationships and in particular to accept these Terms & Conditions.

(c) Please note that GroupLunch reserves the right to cancel the account if no login or use of it is made for a period of one (1) year. You will be informed about such action through Client’s Site internal email box.

1.2 Amendment of these Terms & Conditions

GroupLunch may amend these Terms & Conditions from time to time, and place the new version on the Site.

Any changes to these Terms & Conditions will be notified to the Client by publishing a notification on the Site and/or by making a notification by email. If You continue using the Site following GroupLunch’s notification about the changes, this will constitute Your acceptance of such changes. If You do not agree to any changes to these Terms & Conditions, then You must cease using the Site and the Services.

1.3 Account, password and security

As part of the Site registration process, You will create Your account and You will have Your own password. You are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the password and your account, and are fully responsible and liable for all activities that occur under Your account, including, without limitation, all actions by any unauthorized Clients registered under Your account.

You agree to (i) immediately notify GroupLunch of any unauthorized use of Your password or account or any other breach of security, and (ii) ensure that You properly log out from Your account at the end of each session.

GroupLunch cannot and will not be liable for any loss, damage or other liability arising from your failure to comply with this Section or from any unauthorized access to or use of Your account.


The Site offers discounted and attractive meals offers from a wide range of Restaurants established in Belgium.

Once selected by the Client, the meals ordered on our Site are delivered directly to your office with no additional cost.

In a nutshell, we provide a way for you to communicate your orders ("Orders") for Products ("Products") to delivery or takeaway restaurants ("Restaurants") displayed on the Site (the"Service").


3.1. General

Once you have selected the Products you wish to order from the menu of your chosen Restaurant and provided the other required information, you will be given the opportunity to submit your Order by filing the checkout section. It is important that you check all the information that you enter and correct any errors before clicking or selecting the button “confirm order”; once you do so, we will start processing your Order and errors cannot be corrected.

Every order is automatically followed by an email confirmation from GroupLunch.

GroupLunch and / or companies related to it, conduct a "just in time" delivery of all Orders, whether individual, collective or on any other catering activities.

The Client is solely responsible for the completeness and compliance information provided by it pursuant to section 1 of these Terms and Conditions.

The Client may at any time consult his order on the Site, using its logging.

In order to be able to meet its delivery, GroupLunch reserves at any time the right to:

- Refuse all Orders placed after 10.00 hours, if the desired delivery is the same day, unless expressly stated otherwise;

- Refuse all Orders, including catering Orders that do not meet the control period indicated on the Site;

- To accept Orders within the limits of available stocks.

The availability or unavailability of Products is indicated on the Site in the information area of each item. In case of unavailability of one or more Products, item 4.3 of these Terms and Conditions is applicable;

- To refuse an order if the address specified by the Client is clearly erroneous or fanciful;

If the Client has a personal email address within a company where GroupLunch already assumes deliveries, he can pass through the control of GroupLunch Site, after having entered the data requested. GroupLunch nonetheless reserves the right to refuse a Client, even though GroupLunch is already delivering in its enterprise.

If the Client has a personal email address within a company established in a region where GroupLunch does not assume deliveries, he needs to complete an application form delivery before any Order via the Site of GroupLunch, whose services will quickly inform him of the possibility or not to extend the delivery area in order to meet the demand requested delivery by the Client.

To the extent that GroupLunch wish to make deliveries in the most efficient manner possible, GroupLunch only accepts in principle Orders placed through the Site.

Orders by phone, e-mail, fax, mail or by any other means than through the Site are allowed, exceptionally, only for Clients already registered in the Client file of GroupLunch. Such exceptional treatment does not prejudice the right of GroupLunch to refuse Orders placed after 10 am for a delivery to be made the same day.

If a Client does not honor the invoices issued by GroupLunch or do not proceed to the payment of the requested payment, it reserves the right not to accept Orders, respectively not to make delivery to the Client's account in question.

It is the same in case of non respect of payment deadlines by the Client.

Delivery of Products and services is always deemed to have taken place in accordance with the Order, unless the Client has reacted in accordance with the complaint procedures described in paragraph 4 of these Conditions of Sale.

3.2. Time limit for Orders

Unless otherwise expressly provided, the Client has the possibility to order until 10:15 am for a delivery to be made the same day at noon. Beyond these hours, no order for delivery the same day will be taken into consideration.

For the specific case of business lunches, the Client is obliged to order at the latest one working day before the date and time of desired delivery. It is brought to the attention of the Client that the time between order and delivery is likely to be increased by one or more additional working day for certain Products or services reported on the Site. The Site indicates the delivery time on each Product or service. Cancelleation of Business lunches is possible until latest 12:00 pm of the previous day.

3.3. Reception of the order

It is the Client to verify the compliance of its order at the time of delivery.

Any error or defect at the time of delivery should be reported to GroupLunch pursuant to the rules stated in item 4 of these Terms and Conditions.

3.4. Amending or canceling your order

Once you have submitted your Order and your payment has been authorized, you will not be entitled to change or cancel your Order, nor will you be entitled to a refund after 9.30 a.m. of the same day.

After that time, Orders are final.

For business Orders, Orders are final and unchangeable after the expiry of the control period as mentioned in section 3.2. of these Terms and Conditions.


4.1. General

Delivery times are indicative and for information purposes only.

GroupLunch undertakes to deliver all individual Orders to work before 12.15 am the day of delivery, unless otherwise agreed by agreement with the Client. With respect to Orders for business lunches, GroupLunch undertakes to comply with delivery times agreed with the Client.

The deliveries of the Products are performed by employees of GroupLunch or directly from the Restaurant. In case of delivery by the Restaurant itself, such information will be clearly communicated during payment process on the site and the Restaurant will be solely liable for the quality, timeliness of delivery and payment processing after completion of purchase by the Client.

Compliance with the agreed times of delivery is only an obligation of means at the expense of GroupLunch and not results. GroupLunch and / or companies related to it can never be held responsible for late delivery.

4.2. Claims in case of error or non-delivery

All claims on an error, non-delivery, incomplete or unsatisfactory delivery in terms of quality, will be taken into account if they are reported to GroupLunch on the day of delivery, before 17.00 at the latest by e-mail to info@grouplunch.be or by telephone at the following number : +32 485794027

4.3. Alternative delivery

Given the nature of the Products and services offered by GroupLunch, availability can vary on a daily basis.

If a Product ordered is temporary or permanently unavailable, GroupLunch will contact the Client as soon as possible, in order to propose an alternative Product being understood that GroupLunch is not responsible for temporary or permanent unavailability of Products.

In case a Product would be exceptionally unavailable, the Client will be informed on the Site.

"Group Lunch" does not guarantee the continuous availability of the entire Product range and individual ingredients. In case of unavailability of certain ingredients, GroupLunch will make sure the Restaurant will use similar ingredients for the production of the desired Product.

Please note that the Restaurant is fully responsible for the accuracy of information regarding the Products provided to the Site including but not limited to the list of ingredients and potential allergy risks. For more information on this matter, please refer to section 6.

Please finally note that the Products may differ in appearance from the pictures available on the Site or on the printed materials.


5.1. VAT

Prices will be as quoted on the Site. These prices include VAT and are free of delivery costs.

5.2. Incorrect pricing

This Site contains a large number of menus and it is possible that some of the menus may include incorrect prices. If the correct price for an Order is higher than the price stated on the Site, we will normally contact you before the relevant Order is dispatched. In such an event, neither we nor the relevant Restaurant is under any obligation to ensure that the Order is provided to you at the incorrect lower price or to compensate you in respect of incorrect pricing.

5.3. Payment methods

Payment for Orders must be made online through the Site via credit card, PayPal system or by invoice. Every Client using a credit card must communicate his card details to the Site through “PAYMILL”. If the invoices are not paid before 14 days after their due date, Group Lunch will be entitled to recover the amount.

In the 14 days following the first purchase with credit facilities (purchase with credit card deposit), You have  the possibility to settle your account via bank transfer or by deposit of valid meal vouchers and cash in a designated lockable security box. This option however must be agreed upon with Grouplunch in writing.

Group Lunch collects the security boxes each Friday. Your respective account will be updated at the latest, the following Monday. At this date, the amount credited will be deducted from the amount due. If the account is still negative after 14 days, Group Lunch reserves itself the right to debit the account before its negative amount in case you agreed to a direct debit solution.

You can also recharge your account in advance. Once the money has been received by Group Lunch, the account will be updated until the following Monday and the amount will be credited.

Accounts can be settled via online banking or via deposit of meal vouchers and cash in envelopes in the designated Group Lunch safety box, should your company be eligible for such a cash box option. Once the cash boxes are collected and your account is charged, You are entitled to make purchases up to the amount preliminary recharged. Your company may accept discretionarily the use of such safety boxes in its premises. If such system is not accepted by your enterprise, you may uniquely use direct payment options such as credit card payment or payment via bank wire.

5.4 Business Orders

In the specific case of business Orders (meetings, cocktail receptions or other services) are directly billed to GroupLunch passing the Order.

Payment shall be made exclusively by credit card or bank transfer within the period stated on the invoice.

Depending on the size of the Order, GroupLunch reserves the right to request GroupLunch placing the order to pay a deposit.

5.5. Default payment

In case of default, GroupLunch intends to benefit from Article 12 of the Law of 18 April 2004 on the payment terms. (Art. 12. Claims arising from contracts concluded between a supplier and a consumer are entitled to full Productive statutory interest from the expiry of the third month following the receipt of goods, completion or the provision of services).

The full costs related to the recovery of the amount due to GroupLunch will be charged to the Client as provided under Item 5.7 of these Terms and Conditions.

5.6 Payment deadlines

The invoice amount is to be paid in due time and must respect the deadline communicated by GroupLunch.

The payment of individual work Orders is usually grouped in increments of 14 days.

5.7. Recovery of debts

Any costs related to the recovery of amounts due to GroupLunch will only be supported by the Client.

These costs include, but are not limited to:

- The cost of reminders (€ 5.00 / per reminder)

- The cost of formal notice (€ 10.00 / registered mail)

- The cost of administrative searches in Belgium and abroad (addresses, etc.) (5,00 € / search)

- The cost of an inquiry request filed with the competent “Justice de Paix”, valued at € 30.00

- The cost of a query regarding payment order, valued at € 75.00

- The full cost incurred by GroupLunch for the recovery of outstanding debt (bailiff's fees, legal fees, etc.).

5.8. Account transfers and closings

GroupLunch reserves the right to charge up to 4% processing fees for the bank transfer of a remaining account balance on the users' GroupLunch client account. The account balance minus the said 4% processing fees will be wired back to the clients' bank account.

5.9. Miscellaneous

GroupLunch reserves the right to require the provision of additional documents by the Client (eg, home address, home phone number, etc.) to reduce the risk of breach of contract.


6.1. Transfer of risk

In case of delivery, GroupLunch and / or the Courier bear the risk of accidental deterioration and accidental loss to delivery of Products to the place of delivery indicated by the Client.

In case of purchase, GroupLunch and / or the Courier bear the risk of accidental deterioration or accidental loss until the Product is placed in the hands of the Client.

Once GroupLunch and / or the Courier delivered the goods to the Client or where the latter is ordinarily active, or once the goods are handed over to the Client, the risk is borne by the Client.

GroupLunch and / or the Courier cannot therefore be liable for any loss, theft, damage on the Products or, where applicable, of their packaging after delivery or delivery in the hands of the Client.

6.2. GroupLunch Boxes

GroupLunch and / or the Courier provide for complimentary insulated boxes, to better protect the Products delivered against heat for a maximum of two hours of delivery.

These boxes can under no circumstances serve as refrigerators.

Clients are advised to collect their Products as soon as possible in the GroupLunch boxes and consume them immediately, otherwise place them in a refrigerator.

GroupLunch and / or Courier is not responsible for any consequences resulting from the incorrect closing of these boxes or other non-use thereof.

6.3. Products

The Products delivered are intended for consumption on the day of delivery. Surpluses cannot be

kept for the following days, even in a functioning refrigerator.

As a precaution, GroupLunch advises its Clients not to freeze the delivered Products that would not have been consumed.

The Client is always required to check the date on the label bearing his name, to avoid consuming

Products delivered a day before.

Employees of GroupLunch and / or Couriers are instructed to throw away Products delivered the previous day and who still find themselves in the isolated boxing returned by the Client.

The Client is not entitled to financial compensation if he left a Product delivered the previous day in the box returned to the Company.

GroupLunch and / or companies related to it, and their respective directors and employees shall not be held responsible for all physical impacts, intangible, tangible or otherwise, that might result from

the Products delivered the day before which have not been thrown, if they were eaten or were not kept in an appropriate way on the day of delivery.

GroupLunch and / or companies related to it, and their respective directors and employees are not responsible for all physical impacts, intangible, tangible or otherwise, that may result from allergic reactions potentially attributable to ingestion, to touch or inhalation of Products delivered by it and the same assuming they would have been incorrectly stored, used, handled, processed, collected, cultivated, planted,etc. by suppliers and / or producers of the Products used by GroupLunch.

GroupLunch and / or companies related to it, and their respective directors and employees are not responsible for all physical impacts, intangible, tangible or otherwise, that may result from the presence of foreign bodies in foodstuffs produced by suppliers and / or producers.

The content of the Site and labels has been produced with the greatest care. However, it may be that Product characteristics (notices on allergens, nutritional value or other data) are not presented or displayed correctly.

GroupLunch invites each Client, especially those prone to allergies or intolerances food, to systematically check the specified Product features on the Site, in addition to information on the packaging, and to take all the necessary precautions.

This limitation of liability is particularly applicable when the Product information and their ingredients are posted on the Site and on Product labels. This information enables the Client to know in sufficient detail the content of the Products and assess inherent risks.

GroupLunch brings to the attention of the Client that some labels from other suppliers, used in the

manufacture or production of GroupLunch's Products contain the words "possible presence of gluten traces,milk, egg, fish and shellfish, peanuts, soya, nuts, celery, mustard, sesame seeds, and anhydride sulphites, lupine and molluscs etc.

Similarly, some labels from other suppliers, used in the manufacture or production of goods does not yet comply with European legislation on labeling of Products.

The production by GroupLunch and / or companies associated with it for various types of sandwiches, salads, meals, soups, desserts, buffets and all other Products are made in a workshop using gluten, milk, egg, fish and shellfish, peanuts, soya, nuts, celery, mustard, sesame seed, and sulphites dioxide, lupine and mollusks, gluten-based Products, milk, egg, fish and shellfish, peanuts, soya, nuts, celery, mustard,sesame seeds, dioxide and sulphites, lupine and mollusks.

In such cases, GroupLunch and / or companies related to it, and their respective directors and employees cannot be held responsible for material consequences, intangible, tangible or otherwise, that could potentially result from allergic reactions caused by ingestion, by touch or inhalation of delivered Products by GroupLunch and / or Couriers.

6.4. Packaging, equipments and materials

GroupLunch and companies related to it are not responsible for any property damage, intangible, tangible or other consequences of the proper use or not and / or packaging defects, use of materials and devices.

6.5. Release of information trough the Site or other technological media

GroupLunch is focused on providing accurate information and will correct promptly any inaccurate information so that they are valid and correct.

The information presented by GroupLunch are only indicative and mostly provided by the Restaurants.

GroupLunch cannot be held liable for any errors, approximations, inconsistencies and late or inaccurate information.

It also cannot be held liable for any damages that result from the use or operation of Sites and other means of communication (technology) owned and / or operated by GroupLunch.

Despite the fact that GroupLunch ensures the security of its Sites and other means of communication (technology), it cannot be held liable for any damage caused by viruses, by the transmission of viruses, as well as the computer fraud or other means.

The Site or other means of communication (technology) used by GroupLunch may contain links or references to other Sites or other information sources managed by third parties. GroupLunch has no control over them and cannot be held liable for the information contained therein or for any damage resulting there from.

6.6. Technology

GroupLunch has created this Site and other technological applications to allow users to control their Products and / or services from GroupLunch.

GroupLunch shall use all reasonable means at its disposal to ensure quality access to the service, but is not required to achieve this.

Neither GroupLunch nor its directors or employees can be held responsible for any malfunction of the Site or other technological applications, network or servers or other event beyond the reasonable control that prevent or degrade the service.

GroupLunch, its managers and its employees are in no way responsible for any form of damage, including direct, indirect, incidental and consequential damages, fines or loss of profits caused by usage or Sites or other technological applications.

GroupLunch reserves the right to discontinue, temporarily suspend or modify without prior notice access to all or part of the Site, particularly in order to maintain it, or otherwise, without this interruption give rise to any obligation or compensation to the Client.


7.1. General

 GroupLunch has developed this Site and other technological applications, on one hand to allow Clients to place Orders and, on the other hand, to provide information to its Clients and visitors. No commercial exploitation even partial of the data presented on this Site as well as any other technological media - emails, faxes, letters, brochures, etc. - issued by GroupLunch may be made without the prior written consent of GroupLunch.

All elements of this Site and other technological applications as well as any other information and message forms issued by GroupLunch are protected by copyright / copyright of GroupLunch or by a form of protection provided for by legislation on intellectual property law, such as in particular the right of patents, designs, know-how, copyright, neighboring rights, trademark rights, personal rights or other rights of literary, artistic or industrial. These include photographs, articles, drawings, animated sequences, logos, etc.

In no case a Client is authorized to download or modify all or part of the Site without the express written consent of GroupLunch.

It is strictly forbidden for the Client to use or download, for sale or for any other commercial use, the information on the Site (for example but not limited to the listed Products, descriptions, prices, graphics, images, text, photographs, etc. ).

Web pages, kiosk information, funds created by GroupLunch for the payments business and other information and message forms GroupLunch shall under no circumstances be copied, reproduced and / or copied or modified in whole or in part, and cannot be alienated and / or distributed for free and / or against any form whatsoever without the prior express written approval of GroupLunch.

Web pages or technological message forms can be downloaded, printed or copied solely for personal and non-commercial use provided that no changes are made.

GroupLunch declares that all information and other messages appearing on his Site and other technological applications does not infringe intangible property rights of third parties, such as in particular the right of patents, designs, know-how , copyright, neighboring rights, trademark rights, personal rights or other rights of literary, artistic or industrial of third.

7.2 Advertising and promotion

GroupLunch shall in no event be held responsible for content, promotions / warnings / commercials / advertisements / online contests of third parties, which would include banner on the Site.

For temporary promotions, such as free coupon codes, GroupLunch reserves the right to cap every promotion after 100 users of one specific promotion (e.g one specific promotional code) have made use of the same promotion. Moreover GroupLunch reserves the right to not recognize coupon codes, which have been transferred to a specific company, for a specific time period, when used by a different company or user from a different company.

In addition, GroupLunch reserves the right to not recognize coupon code deductions, which are designed and communicated for NEW users (users who have not yet bought an article on GroupLunch) but used by clients who already have a purchase history before using the coupon code.

7.3. Use of other technological applications / social networks

GroupLunch may use various modes of business communication and / or public, such as social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, or others).

The Client undertakes to respect the contents of these Terms and Conditions also on all technological communication media used by GroupLunch.

GroupLunch reserves the right but in no case has the obligation to monitor the content (comments, messages, suggestions, ideas, or other information) of different modes of communication used by it.

GroupLunch has the right to use the notes, messages, suggestions, ideas, information, or other reasons for advertising, promotions, research / study or others, without that ability is limited in time and space.

GroupLunch is not responsible for the accuracy or reliability of the comments, messages, suggestions, ideas, information or other content appearing on social networks.

GroupLunch is not responsible for any messages posted by users, especially those whose content would violate the law and morality and block access to the Site or to the author of the said post (s).

8. Privacy policy

Your information is collected and utilized pursuant to the present clause forming Our privacy policy (the “Private Policy”). Your Personal Data is legitimately processed in compliance with Data Protection Act for the performance of these General Terms and Conditions, to ensure good management and constant improvement of Services and their new features; to facilitate Clients account creation and the logon process, to contact you in respect of our Services or your account; to respond to legal requests and prevent harm.

The term “Personal Data” in this Privacy Policy will be used as defined in the Data Protection Act.

8.1. What Personal Data does GroupLunch process?

Registration information. You need a GroupLunch account in order to have access to all functionalities of the Site. When You register for an account, We collect certain of the following information as well as other information marked as required on the subscription form: Your email address, a password, Your full name, as well as Your country of residence.

  • Billing and shipping information. If You buy Products on the Site, We require You to provide Your billing and shipping details, as the case may be, such as a name, billing and /or shipping address, email address and financial information details.
  • Account settings. You can set various preferences and personal details on pages like Your Global Settings. For example, Your billing address and communication preferences.
  • Technical information. We may collect certain technical information concerning the devices that You are using for accessing the Site or other technical information, such as IP address, browser type and others.
  • Data for backup purposes. Despite what is said above, GroupLunch may make backup copies of Client’s information for security purposes. If such backup copies are made, GroupLunch will observe the data retention laws applicable in Belgium, especially as regard the retention period.
  • Use of Cookies. We use cookies on this Site. Cookies are small bits of data We store on the device You use to access Our services so We can recognize repeat Clients. Each cookie expires after a certain period of time, depending on what We use it for. We use cookies for several reasons:
  • To make Our site easier to use. If You use the "Remember me" feature when You sign into Your account, we may store Your Clientname in a cookie to make it quicker for You to sign in whenever You return to GroupLunch.
  • For security reasons. We use cookies to authenticate Your identity, such as confirming whether You are currently logged into the Site.
  • To provide You with personalized content. We may store Client preferences, such as Your default language, in cookies to personalize the content You see.
  • To improve Our Services. We use cookies to measure Your usage of the Site and track referral data, as well as to occasionally display different versions of content to You. This information helps Us to develop and improve Our Services and optimize the content We display to Clients.

We don't believe cookies are sinister, but You can still choose to remove or disable cookies via Your browser. Refer to Your web browser's configuration documentation to learn how to do this. Please note that doing this may adversely impact Your ability to use Our Services. Enabling cookies ensures a smoother experience when using the Site. By using the Site and agreeing to the Privacy Policy, You expressly consent to the use of cookies as described in this Privacy Policy.

8.2 What are Your rights to Your information?

Update Your account details. You can update Your registration and other account information on Your Dashboard (account page). Information is updated immediately.

Accessing and rectifying Your personal data. You have the right to access and rectify the personal information that GroupLunch holds about You. This right may be exercised through by visiting Your Dashboard (Global Settings page) as well as your work profile or by emailing info@grouplunch.be (using or referring to the email address that was provided at the time of registration).

Opposing the processing of Your personal data. You have a right to oppose the processing of Your personal data by simply deleting your account through the appropriate function directly on the Site or by contacting info@grouplunch.be to have your account deleted  (using or referring to the email address that was provided at the time of registration). If You wish to exercise this right We will not be in a position to provide Services to You anymore.

Your responsibilities. By using Our Services, You agree to comply with applicable data protection requirements when collecting and using Your or others personal data, such as requirements concerning unsolicited communications as well as requirements to inform respondents about the specific uses and disclosures of their data.

For how long do we retain your data? We generally retain Your data for as long as You have an account with Us and certain period afterwards necessary to comply with Our legal obligations, resolve disputes, or enforce Our agreements.

8.3. Security, cookies and other important information

Changes to this Privacy Policy. We may modify this Privacy Policy at any time, but if We do so, We will notify You by publishing the changes on this Site. If We determine the changes are material, We will provide You with additional, prominent notice as is appropriate under the circumstances, such as via email.

Any changes to this Privacy Policy will be notified to the Client by publishing a notification on the Site and/or by making a notification by email. If You continue using the Site following GroupLunch’s notification about the changes, this will constitute Your acceptance of such changes. If You do not agree to any changes to these Privacy Policy, then You must cease using the Site and the Services and You may close Your account at any time.

Security. We are committed to handling Your personal information and data with integrity and care. However, regardless of the security protections and precautions We undertake, there is always a risk that Your personal data may be viewed and used by unauthorized third parties as a result of collecting and transmitting Your data through the internet.

8.4 Consents

By clicking on the "I have read and agree to the Terms & Conditions  button, You represent that You have read, understood and accepted these Terms & Conditions which contains the Privacy Policy, You expressly consent to the following:

  • You consent to the collection, use, disclosure and processing of Your personal data in the manner described in this Privacy Policy, including our procedures relating to cookies, IP addresses and log files.
  • You consent and agree that We may transfer Your data to GroupLunch contractors including the ones, located outside the European Union and which do not ensure the same level of data protection that exists in countries in the European Economic Area. Your consent is voluntary, and You may revoke Your consent by opting out at any time. Please note that if You opt-out, We may no longer be able to provide You Our Services.
  • You consent to Us sharing Your personal data with relevant persons working for service providers who assist Us to provide Our Services.
  • If You have enabled cookies on Your web browser, You consent to Our use of cookies as described in this Privacy Policy.

9. Closing of an account

The acceptance of these Terms and Conditions tantamount to concluding a permanent contract between the Client and GroupLunch.

The Client and GroupLunch are entitled to close the account at any time.

- Closing by the Client:

The Client may terminate the contractual relationship at any time by sending an e-mail at: info@grouplunch.be

GroupLunch will close the account and send the Client the balance still due invoices.

The account will be closed permanently after full payment of the amounts due to GroupLunch under these Conditions of Sale.

- Closing by GroupLunch:

GroupLunch has a discretionary right and may proceed to close the account of a client at any time, without notice and without cause, in particular in the following cases, without this list is not exhaustive:

- Where information and / or personal data communicated by the Client are clearly erroneous and / or fantasy,

- In case of fault on the part of the Client (default or delay in payment, breach of these Terms and Conditions, etc.)

- For marketing or business reasons

The closing of the account of the Client by GroupLunch does not entitle to any compensation on the part of the Client.

10 Force Majeure

GroupLunch shall not be liable for failing to perform its obligations under these Terms & Conditions, if such non-performance is attributable to strikes, revolt, Acts of God, act of terrorism, wars, disasters, legal regulation, interruption of the telecommunications network or the electricity network or other circumstances beyond the control of, or otherwise unforeseeable by, the defaulting party (hereinafter referred to as “Force Majeure”). The obligations of such party shall be suspended for the duration of such event of Force Majeure.

However, the party affected by Force Majeure shall without delay inform the other party about the estimated duration of the event of Force Majeure; moreover the party affected shall use its best efforts to remedy the effects of such Force Majeure without undue delay. If a case of Force Majeure is expected to last for more than two months, the Party not affected by Force Majeure may terminate these Terms & Conditions with immediate effect in writing, and the affected party shall not be entitled to any compensation for loss or damage, which it may incur as a result of such termination.

11 Miscellaneous

11.1 Entire Agreement

These Terms and Conditions comprises the entire agreement between GroupLunch and the Client relating to the Site and the Services. Both Client and GroupLunch confirm that they have not relied upon, and shall have no remedy in respect of, any agreement, warranty, statement, representation, understanding or undertaking made by any party (whether or not a party to these Terms and Conditions) unless that agreement, warranty, statement, representation, understanding or undertaking is expressly set out in the Terms and Conditions.

11.2. Severability

If any provision of these Terms and Conditions shall be held by any competent authority to be invalid or unenforceable in whole or in part, the validity of the remaining parts of these Terms and Conditions and the remainder of the affected provision shall be unaffected.

12 Language

These Terms & Conditions are originally drafted in English and may be translated in other languages for information purposes. In the event of any discrepancies between the English and the translated versions the English version shall prevail.

13 Applicable law

The relationship between GroupLunch and Clients shall be governed by Belgium law.

14 Dispute resolution

All disputes arising out of or in connection with the Terms and Conditions including any question regarding their existence, validity or termination, shall be settled before the courts of the City of Bruxelles.


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